Misty Haven 


An Eco-pilgrimage destination in God's Own Country

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Individual Cottages

Misty Haven offers you exclusively crafted eco-chic cottages with breathtaking views. Enjoy absolute tranquility and ultimate comfort in our luxury cottages. To suit all tastes and budgets, we also offer tribal hut, dormitory accommodation & individual/group tents. 

Natural pool

There's something magical about the colour blue - the colour of infinity- that lures people into sky-blue pools and beautiful ocean fronts. We have created an iridescent infinity pool for you, one that imperceptibly merges with the blue sky below. It is absolutely stunning and you have to be here to really believe it. 


The restaurant at Misty Haven provides you ethnic Malabar and Wayanad cuisine in its original form and flavour. We use locally sourced organic vegetables and ingredients for our cooking. Here, our down to earth and friendly staff will deliver you authentic Malabar hospitality in the most natural and organic way, without any artificial sophistication or over-solicitousness.