Misty Haven 


An Eco-pilgrimage destination in God's Own Country


Our Story

We have surveyed around fifty locations in Wayanad before deciding on this seductively scenic spot in the Western Ghats for your homely eco-retreat, MISTY HAVEN. It was the tranquil radiance of positive energy in this place and perfect harmony of elements in its surroundings -something in ancient Indian architectural wisdom called Vastu and in traditional Oriental concept known as Feng shui characteristics of the location- that made us proclaim unanimously " YES THIS IS THE DREAM DESTINATION FOR OUR PROJECT MISTY HAVEN".  

It has been many years since then to slowly create this slice of paradise for you. 

We heartily welcome you to this exclusive facility, a secular pilgrimage destination of modern times. 

Situated at an altitude of eight hundred meters above sea level, the location of Misty Haven is blessed with a naturally air-conditioned climate through out the year. During the long summer months when  rest of the country swelters under the harsh and unforgiving tropical sun, this location still enjoys a comfortable day time temperature averaging around 26 C. 

It is said that the best treasures in life are not things, they are memorable experiences.

Visit Misty Haven and enjoy one of life's most unforgettable transcendental experiences. 

Get lost in this temple of tranquility. Leave the fever and fret of life behind. Detox from the sickening urban life. Feel nothing but serene peace and cozy comfort while you are with us. 

Refresh your senses and replenish your soul. ...and go back with a treasure chest full of nostalgic memories.

Hoping to welcome you soon.

With lots and lots of love, 

Misty Haven Management Team.